Genesis™ flotation systems provide custom tailored comfort and pampers every curve of the body, resulting in virtually perfect body alignment

Memory Foam

Originally developed by NASA, this revolutionary material senses and responds to your body form quicker and improves overall body support, giving greater pressure point relief and superior weight distribution


A time honored classic designed to provide years of great sleep. We offer everything from extra firm support to feather cloud softness to fill your sleeping needs

Who We Are

Today we offer a complete line of spring, Air, Waterbed and Adjustable mattresses manufactured and assembled by American Companies. We do not do much in advertising can reduce almost 50% to your cost of a mattress. We offer Memory Foam, like Tempurpedic at about 50% the cost. Then Air chamber beds, just like at the mall and on TV, again about 50% less than select comfort. As you will see selling without major advertising can and will save you a lot. Our goal is to provide you with good sleep without breaking your bank account. Oh! And don't be surprised to be welcomed by our  95 lb. brown door greeter!